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Roald Dahl on Film

Saturday, 13 August 2016 - 2:00pm - Friday, 9 September 2016 - 9:30pm

UK-wide celebration of Roald Dahl on Film 

They Eat Culture present a series of screenings as part of the BFI's national celebration of Roald Dahl on Film, and their ongoing Cinema Around the Corner project....
Fans of all ages will be able to relive their most magical memories this year, as this beloved author's films are brought to life on the big screen. To celebrate Roald Dahl 100 - the centenary year of Roald Dahl’s birth, Film Hub Wales and Chapter as Film Hub Lead Organisation, have developed a family-friendly film programme that will celebrate the world’s number one storyteller, who was born in Cardiff in 1916. The season launch coincides with the release of Entertainment One’s The BFG, in July, and culminates on Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September - 100 years since Dahl’s birth. 
Here's what's in store for Preston...

Scratch ‘n Sniff Cinema present Matilda 

-Family Screening at The Continental 

Saturday 13th August 2pm

£3 each or £10 for a family of four
Dir: Danny DeVito With: Mara Wilson, Pam Ferris, Danny DeVito
The grouchy no-hoper Wormwoods are parents to a very sweet girl, Matilda, who also happens to be a genius. Ignored at home and left to her own devices, she soon digests the entire contents of the local library before being sent to Crunchem Hall, a nightmarish school headed by the sadistic Miss Trunchbull. It’s here that her abilities come to the fore, her brain power and telekinetic powers attracting the attention of sweet and warm-natured rose amongst thorns Miss Honey. 
Scratch n’ Sniff!
Join in with specially commissioned cards from Scratch n’ Sniff Cinema to smell your way through the film!


James and the Giant Peach - Preston Covered Market 

Family screening
Saturday 20th August, 7:30pm - screening 8.30pm to 10:00pm 
UK/1996/89mins/PG - FREE ENTRY 
Dir: Henry Selick Voices: Paul Terry, Joanna Lumley, Richard Dreyfuss
Join us on Preston Covered  Market for an outdoor screening as part of Saturdays on the Flag Market
James’ happy life at the English seaside is abruptly ended when his parents are killed by a rogue rhinoceros and he goes to live with his two horrid aunts. Daringly saving the life of a spider he comes into possession of magic boiled crocodile tongues, after which an enormous peach starts growing in the garden. Venturing inside he meets not only the spider but a number of new friends including a lovely ladybird and sarcastic centipede who help him with his plan to try to get to New York City. A fond and fruitful tribute to the cranky genius of Dahl.
The wonderful Gideon Conn will be opening up the proceedings with an hour-long set.
This Manchester based artist and musician has been astonishing crowds in the UK . He's a uniquely gifted songwriter who uses a broad spectrum of music to conjure up songs that you will never have heard the like of before. Whether solo acoustic or with his lively and lovable band, he never fails to fill you with wonder and leave you with a massive grin!
7.30-8.30pm - plus giant games of drafts, Jenga and Connect 4!
Limited seating is available so feel free to bring your own seat, blanket and refreshments and enjoy an outdoor cinema experience in the heart of the city.
Tuck shop and peaches available!
The film is presented with English subtitles for hard of hearing viewers.

The Night Digger

Adult Screening at The Continental 
Tuesday 30th August 7.30pm 
£4 on the door
Dir: Alastair Reid With: Patricia Neal, Pamela Brown, Nicholas Clay
The dreary existence of middle-aged spinster Maura takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of young handyman Billy Jarvis, but there is more to Billy than meets the eye. Finding herself fascinated by his nocturnal forays, she learns to her horror why he spends so much time outdoors at night. An eerie Bernard Herrmann score ups the tension as Patricia Neal, then Dahl’s wife, provides sexual tension and a certain Gothic flavour.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Adult Screening at the Continental
USA/1958-1965/25mins each approx./NC
Friday 2nd Sept 7.30pm - 9.20pm - FREE ENTRY
A selection of invariably surprising episodes written by Dahl for the classic anthology presented by master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock. 4 episodes...
Lamb to the Slaughter
Dir: Alfred Hitchcock With Barbara Bel Geddes, Harold J. Stone, Allan Lane
When Mary Maloney's police chief husband is found murdered, the police investigate and have a hard time trying to find the murder weapon.
A Dip in the Pool
Dir: Michael Touchner With: Jack Weston, Gladys Spencer, Bill Reimbold
While on a cruise ship, William takes part in a bet to predict how far the ship will travel in 24 hours. He deduces he’ll win if the ship is delayed a little – if, for instance, it has to turn back to collect a man overboard.    
The Man from the South
Dir: Norman Lloyd With: Steve McQueen, Peter Lorre
In a Las Vegas casino, an unpleasant little man hopes to use a young man's wish to impress the young woman he has just met to pressure the young fellow into accepting a macabre bet.
The Landlady
Dir: Paul Henreid With: Dean Stockwell
Young Billy Weaver takes refuge in a seemingly cosy B&B whilst travelling, greeted by a talkative landlady. Slightly perplexed by the lack of guests in the guest book and her fondness for taxidermy, he begins to realise the tea tastes a little suspicious.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Family screening at The Foxton Centre
Friday 9th September 6pm - 8.45pm
The Foxton Centre 
Knowsley St, Preston PR1 3SA
UK/1968/2 hrs 24mins/ U
Dir: Ken Hughes 
Writers: Ian Fleming (novel), Roald Dahl (screenplay)
At a seaside picnic with his children and Truly, Caractacus spins a fanciful tale of an eccentric inventor, his pretty girlfriend, his two children, and a magical car named Chitty, all involved in the faraway land of Vulgaria. Musical
£4 on the door
(Free to Foxton clients)