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'Boogie Peel': Endless Boogie, Ten Benson, Mugstar, 12 Mars Bars

Sunday, 13 October 2013 - 6:30pm
Please note, early doors 6.30pm!
Advance tickets £12.00, available online NOW from,, and
In person from The Continental Bar, Action Records Preston and Preston Tourist Information (Guild Hall Box Office) 



In case you're wondering, Endless Boogie qualify for Un-Peeled because they are bringing Matt Sweeney with them on third guitar (just in case they weren't already relentless enough for ya!) and he did at least one Peel sesh with Bonnie Prince Billy and probably a few more that we don't know about. Now that's out of the way, you can get with the program.
Endless Boogie does exactly what it says on the tin. They are a New York quartet/sometimes quintet of seasoned record collector vets who played their first show opening for Steve Malkmus at the prestigious Bowery Ballroom in 2001. Indeed, you may remember their outrageously good set at the 2010 Pavement ATP in Minehead. After half an hour of gruelling riffage shuddered to a halt, they looked a bit confused and one of them said "We usually only do one song, so we don't know what to do now". They had a quick conference and then launched into a 15 minute tune that was exactly the same as the first one, but was apparently by Bob Seger. 
Endless Boogie have put out a string of acclaimed albums on No Quarter Records, the most recent of which, Long Island, was called 'a primal blues juggernaut with surprising textural depth' by Rolling Stone magazine. The Un-Peeled show is one of only 3, count 'em, three UK dates so you Prestonians are truly privileged. Trust us you do not want to miss this band! 



Boogie boys Ten Benson are a rock band from London, UK formed in 1997. Their early releases saw them described as "psychedelic hillbillies", but they later moved on to a cod-metal sound. The band was formed in 1997 by singer/guitarist Chris Teckkam, who is the only remaining member from the original line-up (we think!). Three 7" singles were released in 1997 and 1998, one of which, "Evil Heat" got considerable airplay on BBC Radio 1, in the daytime as well as on Peel. These singles were compiled onto the 6 Fingers of Benson mini-album on Elastica's label, Deceptive Records. The 'United Colors of Benson' EP followed in November 1998, and these early releases saw them described as a "geeky gaggle of quirk-rock experimentalists".
The band recorded two Peel sessions, in 1998, and 2000. "The Claw" reached #4 in the 1998 Festive 50, with "Evil Heat" also making the chart at #47, so they have impeccable Peel credentials. 
Their next release, "Rock Cottage" saw them spoofing Heavy Metal. First album proper, Hiss followed in 2000, succeeded by Satan Kidney Pie in 2002. Their debut in their spiritual home, the USA, Benson Burner was released in 2003 on Jetset Records. It was described in one review as "ZZ Top in bed with The Strokes -- infectious hooks with primal leanings" and drew comparisons with Tenacious D in another. Village Voice compared the band to Nantucket, and described them as "foreigners with bad hick accents growling, 'Mmmmmmm, hot sausage!'". A 2003 Drowned In Sound live review described them as an "inbred family of redneck truckers resplendent in mesh caps and string vests and hirsute faces" A live album, Danger of Deaf, was the next logical step and this was also issued in 2003, but then the trail went cold.
Since then Ten Benson have been hard to pin down, with no more records and a miniscule number of live shows. We are totally honoured to bring them to Preston for what is likely to be an unforgettable show for any number of reasons! 



Mugstar have covered quite a bit of ground in their time (which has existed since 2003), but they couldn't really be described as 'boogie'. We like them a lot though and simply had to find a spot for them at Un-Peeled. People have described Mugstar as "extended kraut-style riffing", "atmopsheric spacerock cinemascape" and "blisteringly apocalyptic". That was in just one review! 
Mugstar recorded one of the last Peel sessions in 2004 and since then have developed their sound and have become one of Britain's best rock acts, getting more recognition abroad than they do here, although their star is rising all the time. They were arguably the outstanding band of last year's Liverpool Psych Fest and have been invited back there again this year. Mugstar have done some exceptionally good shows in Preston before at both the Mad Ferret and the Continental and this one is unlikely to be an exception. Definitely one of our favourite bands, and they should be one of yours too.


Mystery outfit featuring one of the few people from Preston to have made the trip Down Down to Maida Vale to record a Peel session. The clue is in the title!
Doors open at 6.30pm on Sunday 13th October 2013. 
Advance tickets are £12.00 and are available online NOW from,, and
In person from The Continental Bar, Action Records, Preston, and Preston Tourist Information (Guild Hall Box Office) from later this week.
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